Three Plum varieties already ripe for 2017 – Mirabelle Countess, Najdena & Aprikyra

Amazingly we have 3 plum varieties that are being grown outside that are already ripe. Whats even more, is they look very similar.

The 2 photos above are a variety called Mirabelle Countess.

The above 2 varieties are called Najdena

This one is called Aprikyra

They could have all done with an extra week ripening up, but the birds and wasps have begun attacking them.

Najdena – A complex hybrid of Prunus cerasiferaPrunus salicinaPrunus ussuriensisPrunus simonii. Parents being Skoroplodnaja x Desertnaja ready in mid July, medium, 30g, dark purple, yellow flesh.

Aprikyra – Is an interspecific hybrid between apricot and plum, – this results in an unique aroma, reminiscent of cherry, which has not been there in this form before. The variety is self-fertile and due to its blossom – early, but after the apricots – it is well adapted to our climate.

Mirabelle Countess – As with the other 2 varieties this is also a plum hybrid based upon, Prunus cerasifera. It has a sweet taste, and of medium size, especially as its one of the first to ripen. When fully ripe they turn more redder, almost going to purple. But when they are that colour they are far too ripe.

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