2017 Persimmon – Sharon fruiting

The Sharon persimmon belongs to the non-astringent persimmons variety. They are cold resistant and will easily grow in the UK without the need for any protection. Tastes a little like an apricot. Harvest September-November.

We are anticipating a good crop this year. The flowers have set and small fruitlets are forming.

Prefers a good deep loamy soil in sun or light shade but succeeds in most soils. Dislikes very acid or wet and poorly drained soils. Requires a sheltered position. Dormant plants are quite hardy in Britain, but they require warmer summers in order to ripen their fruit and wood. A warm sunny location improves the chance of producing ripe fruit. Fruits are frequently produced outdoors at Kew. The young trees require some winter protection for their first winter or two.

Because persimmons leaf out based on number of hours exposed to warmth rather than on exposure to chilling, they can be slower than most. In some areas, a newly planted persimmon may not break dormancy until late spring in warmer climates and summer in cooler climates.

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