Looks like a bumper crop of ‘Marigoule’ Sweet Chestnuts this year

Looks like a bumper crop of ‘Marigoule’ Sweet Chestnuts (Castanea Sativa) this year, or I hope it is. This is a small 6 year old grafted tree, that is covered in flowers.

The flowers are long yellow catkins, mostly of male flowers, with female flowers at the base, appearing in June/July. Sweet chestnut is monoecious, meaning both male and female flowers are found on the same tree.

Grafted Marigoule variety – Needs deep soil and quite warm climate, fruits in 4 to 5 years or even less from being grafted. Quite a strong grower with large to very large nuts. Buds break early to very early if February is very mild. Does not like spring frosts, avoid frost hollows. Male flowers 18-30 June. Female flowers 20 June – 7 July. This variety is self fertile and it produces lots of pollen, so it is useful for pollinating other varieties that sterile. Marigoule is a chestnut that is highly rated in the fresh product market.

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