First outdoor Apricots “Ninfa” of 2017 season

First outdoor Apricots “Ninfa” of 2017 season. Well I had to gather them, as we are experiencing gusty winds and they were being knocked off. They look like they another 2 weeks of ripening. So they are now in a bowl in the kitchen waiting for them to ripen fully.

We did not have much in the way of snow or frosts last winter 2016/17. We only had one late frost, that caused some of my walnut shoots to blacken. But obviously not enough to cause a problem with the flowering of this variety.

Details taken from website

Released in 1981in the ACD Bologna University. It is an hybrid from Ouardi x Tiryntos varieties.

Not very vigorous with natural open tendency. High productivity.

Medium to early blossom time

Large size (55-60mm). Reddish colour on light yellow background. Round shape. Uniform light yellow flesh.

Medium-small (7% of the fruit) oblong.

7 days respect to Ouardi and 14 respect to Bulida.

Very interesting variety for its ripening season with high productivity.

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