Buzzards eating post in an old tree – Nov 2020

We have a gappy hedge that was overgrown, with branches bending over laying over the ground. The hedge is primarily blackthorn, with the odd hawthorn and and old (almost dead) oak tree. I can understand about the oak giving up, as it has its roots in waterlogged ground. The ground is heavy clay, with this gappy hedge running along a stream. Many of the blackthorn trees are also leaning over, taking a wire fence out with it.

But in climbing up an old tree to cut off some over hanging branches, it was noticed that there were patches of sheep wool, high up. It must have been about  16ft up (5m), in the crouch of the tree there also bones on some sort of bird.

It is assumed that it must be an eating place for a buzzard. As nothing else powerful enough in the UK could have put a dead sheep (probably still born lamb) up a tree. This tree has been left, and trail cameras put up to hopefully record something. Thinking about getting some cheap butchers meat and putting it up there as bait.

Buzzard food/eating store

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