Dawlish Countryside Park Orchard – October 2020

Somewhere different and never been too before, and it has 2 orchards. This is Dawlish Countryside Park in Devon, UK. This is a very popular dog walking area for locals as well as visitors, but there is always a human being not clearing up after there dogs. It lets the side down. Most people taking dogs for a walk were friendly and approachable, and willing to pass the time of day with you and your dog.

A bit dissapointing re the 2 orchards. It looks like they were planted 5 years ago. All had substantial deer guarding. But labelling is always a problem, some had paper signs, but most had no identity.

Then just a quick mention re fencing of other tree plantations. These are just wood posts with 1.8m (6ft) tall wire fencing. Stop the deer jumping in.



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