Todays the day for winter washing.

Today is the day, as its a reasonably fine sunny day. No rain or impending snow only frosts.

Winter wash all of my Apple trees with Savona (Horticultural soap) especially against woolly aphid.

Savona insecticidal soap is a relatively new product for the control of aphids, whitefly, red spider mite and scale insects. It is perfectly safe to human beings, mammals, bees, ladybirds and other predators and is recommended for use in greenhouses before the introduction of biological controls if there are high pest levels. 

Also winter spray all of my peaches and almonds against peach leaf curl. Using a normal dilution of Savona with an addition of Copper Oxychloride (Bayer – Fruit & Vegetable Disease Control).

A fungicide that controls a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals protecting the plant. Broad spectrum copper spray that controls a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases. Ingredients 500g/kg copper as copper oxychloride in the form of a wettable powder

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