Some mouth watering Peaches soon to eat

Some mouth watering Peaches that will be ready soon to eat. These are grown in an open field, and not up against a south facing wall. They have no protection from the bitter winds and driving rain and scorching sun. We are starting to cross pollinate to get a more late flowering peach. Its not’s so much the winter hardiness, its the ability for the flowers to withstand a frost or the small fruitlets to withstand the cold without falling off. The winter hardiness is governed more by the rootstock.

4211-peach-fidelia-2014-07-05 16.22.26-croppedA variety called ‘Fidelia’ a white fleshed mid-maturing peach maturity at mid-July.

4208-peach-harnas-2014-07-05 16.21.40-croppedA variety called ‘Harnas’ is self pollinating and ripens in early August. It has plenty of fuzz.

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