Scions now available for ordering for winter 2014/15 delivery

Scions now available for ordering for winter 2014/15 delivery.

scionMany new but old traditional varieties now available (only in limited quantities), typically.

Apple (Dessert) – Benedictin – A sweet and tangy variety, one of the best autumn apples. Slightly susceptible to canker, but insensitive woolly apple aphid.

Apple (Dessert) – Golden Russet – Also known as Golden Russet of New York, a much loved and best flavoured American russet. Thought to be a seedling of an English russet. Can be used for eating, cooking and cider making. Was grown commercially in the US, but fell out of favour. But is making a resurgance due to it making an excellent flavoured cider.

Plum – Thames Cross – A very large plum which has a yellow skin and pink patches when ripe. The taste of the fruit is excellent and sweet and juicey with a lovely perfume. It is a strong grower and it is self fertile.

Many many more varieties to choose from, just browse thro our web shop

If you are unsure of how and what grafting or budding of fruit and nut trees is all about these have a read of our grafting/budding ebook.

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