Rootstock Growing

Its come to the time of year when I must get them rootstocks growing for next year, its a bit late for some species. But anyhow.

The hardwood cuttings have been stored in a damp bin outside, and free to all the elements. In fact this bundle of cuttings still has ice attached to them.

Bundle of Hardwood Cuttings

These cuttings are cherry, and already have signs of them rooting.

Signs of Rooting

These are to go into a open topped heated bin. To prevent the cuttings from drying out, you need to cover the tops up, with plastic bags or cling film.

Tops covered to prevent drying out.

Then its a light application of hormone rooting powder, in this instance its probably not required. But it shows the method.

Hormone Rooting Powder applied

Then its just stand them up into the open topped, bottom heated bin for approx 3 weeks. Put some very slightly damp compost around them, and maintain approx 20 deg C at soil level. They do not need excessive amounts of watering, as rot soon sets in, only enough to very slightly dampen the compost media.

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