Replacing Floor of an Ifor Williams GD84 trailer

The time has finally arrived, and its always at the most critical time. Whilst transport a heavy duty rough mower, the bottom fell out of my trailer. I knew it was a bit bouncy, but I thought it would last a bit.

After scouring the internet for prices , I found my local Ifor Williams stockist was the cheapest. This was only due to the cost of a courier proved that the total cost was to expensive. Also the local stockist was a good source for advice.

ifor_williams_floor1Floor with a good hole in it. The rest of the floor also on its last legs. Watch out for the fixings screws that were all corroded up, these were hit with a hammer and snapped off.

ifor_williams_floor2It was best to crow bar the rest of the floor out, which was very easy. But watch out for the brake cables. Clean the slots on each side.

ifor_williams_floor3Pushing the new floor in was proving difficult. A lot of leverage from the back and the application of some washing up liquid in the slots. As the floor was very much a push fit, it was deemed that no fixing screws would be needed.

ifor_williams_floor4Here we have it, a new floor inserted. Total job took me 2 hours, as having never done it before.

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