Persimmons (Diospyros Kaki) are now flowering

The Persimmon flowers of the variety Rojo Brillante are now bursting open. The are quite large and are of wax like appearance.


Rojo Brilliante belongs to the astringent cultivars classified (CFA), that is has fruits that are astringent and must be cold stored to bring out the sweetness. This variety is adapted to grow in central and Southern Italy. In the UK it can be grown as a pot plant in a conservatory or given protection from the harsh frosts. It only produces female flowers and it has remarkable vigor, producing high quality and consistent fruit. The fruit is very large, conical in shape. The skin, which is easily removable, its colour is red – red to orange. The fruit can be stored for 2 – 4 months at 0 – 2 ° C. Fruits must be completely soft ripe before it can be eaten.

These are available to purchase as bare rooted trees at


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