First ripe pear 31 July 2014

This pear was a real treat, as I did not expect it to be ripe. We have had a lot of hot weather lately, and its up against a west facing wall. So it gets a lot of heat in the afternoon, which has ripened it slightly early this year.

Its a variety that I still cannot find an official name for.

Should anybody like to help find its official name, here’s a bit of extra data. Average weight 60-70grams, Diameter 4.5cms, Length of stalk 4.5cms, Length of Body 7.5cms, Stalk Leaning at approx 45 deg, Eye Aperture – Open, Flesh is cream colour (buttery) with a sweet non gritty texture. Not sure of flowering date. Shape is of Pyro form, a bit like a mini conference, with a distinct red flush on skin.

winwick-rh-pear-2014-07-31 09.53.20winwick-rh-pear-2014-07-31 09.54.01 winwick-rh-pear-2014-07-31 17.39.31winwick-rh-pear-2014-07-31 17.40.30

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