My Family History of the Goodyer Family

The GOODYER lineage of my direct family comes from Claybrooke Magna in Leicestershire (up to circa 1800 ish) with major branches in Rugby (Warwickshire), Leicester (Leicestershire) and Coventry (Warwickshire). Claybrooke is just over the county border from Warwickshire. I am having difficulties with an Elias (Eli) Goodyer (Goodger) and tracking his descendants down. However there are lots of families in the Coventry area, which must surely be linked, and there is an area of N Coventry known as Goodyer's End. Going back further there are titled Goodyer's in the Coventry area, with a printed pedigree (Visitation), this tree then has links with the Hertfordshire area of England. Over the years the surname has been spelt many different ways, Goodyer, Godyer, Goodger, Gudger, Goodyear, Goodyere, Goodier etc.

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