The Weevils are here

Well the common green weevil is here again this year. It can be very disastrous for new fruit and nut trees. OK they are only about for a few weeks, but they can strip a young tree of all of its leaves, which can then lead to its death. They are not too fussy about what they eat, apple, cherry, plums, hazel, walnut etc etc. You can shake the tree and they act dead and fall to the ground.

Common Green Weevil

They attack fully mature trees as well. I have a 15 year old plum tree that has thousands of weevils on them. I have got to get spraying now. I have used Provado Vine Weevil Killer, but this has no effect, also tried Scotts Bug Clear Ultra, but also no effect. Now I am on Doff All in One Garden Pest Killer. The other way is to cultivate the ground around the trees, I will have to think about this for next year.

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