NT Greenway, Devon – Agatha Christie wrote here,

NT Greenway, Devon was much more of a pleasure to visit from a gardeners perspective. Greenhouses, Grapes, Peaches, Apricots, Figs, Apples are all part of the estate.

greenway1-2014-10-23 11.04.10Yet another huge Sweet Chestnut (castenea) tree by the car park, and another bumper crop.

greenway2-2014-10-23 11.04.18The greenhouses had be run down over the years, but they have gradually been rebuilt to house the Peaches and Grapes.

greenway3-2014-10-23 11.38.04An unusual layout in the Peach house, with a metal frame set at 45 deg, so they would catch full sunlight. Then the more traditional fans against the wall.

greenway7-2014-10-23 12.01.44From a distance, looking at the grape house there is a single lone apple tree. Not sure if its meant to be a single row of an espalier or what.

greenway5-2014-10-23 12.00.00Getting closer up you can see a single grape vine, planted outside, with it being trained through the wall into the greenhouse. Looking closer you can see along the front wall lots of other bricked up holes, were years ago lots of grapes were grown. Look like they were planted at about 1m or 3ft apart.

greenway4-2014-10-23 11.58.56Inside the grape pokes through the wall, noting that the greenhouse wall has been white washed, This is to make the most of the suns rays.

greenway8-2014-10-23 11.48.21There is also a huge fig tree growing, obviously has just been left to grow wild over the years. The fruit seem to be different, so I would guess there is possibly 2 varieties been planted. One of them looked like a Longue D’Out, very much a long pear shaped fruit.

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