Cockington, Devon

An off the cuff visit to Cockington, happened to be on the same day as the ‘Apple Day’. We was only going to visit the Orchard and have a Clotted Cream Tea.

cockington1-2014-10-19 10.31.37The ancient cider press was put into action with some tastings available. However the scratter behind was very much modern plastic.

cockington2-2014-10-19 10.45.08A country fete is never complete without some Morris dancers. These strangely being women, as traditionally they were always men.

cockington3-2014-10-19 11.04.26Just a typical stall selling preserves and the likes.

cockington4-2014-10-19 11.22.00I finally found the ‘National Pecan Collection’ They seemed to have been planted very close together, with whats looks like some have been thinned out.

cockington5-2014-10-19 12.41.20

cockington6-2014-10-19 12.44.05With all the song and dance going on and masses of people mingling around, I wondered into the orchard. There was not a sole about. Yet again no trees were labeled up, and they looked decidedly uncared for. It definitely seemed a bit disjointed with the orchard and the ‘Apple Day’.

cockington7-2014-10-19 13.32.32

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