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The web shop of

Discover a whole range of fruit and nut trees, rootstocks and scions available !

We are a specialist grower of unusal fruit and nut tree varieties, from around the world that we in house graft and grow in our UK zone 7 climate. Over the years we have selected those that produce fruit and nuts that have flavour and taste.

We do not knowingly sell patented scions or trees, if we have inadvertently offered for sale any varieties, please get in touch with us urgently.


Please be aware that our prime aim is to preserve our historical fruit and nut varieties and also to enlarge our collection of living species. As such we are not a registered charity, but all of the profits from these sales helps go towards the maintainance of that collection.


We also supply certified Rootstocks and scion wood for home grafting. If you need advice then please do not hesitate to contact us via email.


Please note - We start taking orders for Rootstock and Scions from the start April 2016. Shipping of orders containing rootstock and scions start from January 2017 to approx March 2017.


Non UK customers who wish to purchase. Please contact us direct for an uptodate price including shipping.


As we are a small dedicated nursery, we operate as mail order only. Our plant passport number is "EC Plant Passport UK/EW 105340"


We are also pleased to give support to the 'Leicestershire Heritage Apple Project' by supplying rootstocks for their grafting workshops and the growing of grafted Leicestershire Heritage trees.