Twenty Ounce (20 oz) apple variety

This variety is being grown as a bit of a novelty. It is at present only part way through its growing season, but it is already nearly 50% bigger in size than a Bramley. When ripe it will have red streaks all over it.

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Thought to have originated in either New York or Connecticut, USA. Brought to notice in about 1844. Fruits have coarse, moderately tender flesh with a subacid flavour.

Aurora, Cayuga Red Streak, Cayuga Redstreak, Coleman, de Dix-huit Onces, de Vin du Connecticut, Dix-huit Onces, Eighteen Ounce, Eighteen Ounce Apple, Gov. Seward’s, Lima, Morgan’s Favorite, Morgan’s Favourite, Morgans Favorite, Pomme de Vin de Connecticut, Pomme de Vin du Connecticut, Pomme de Vingt-onces, Pomme rayee de Cayuga, Pomrne de Dix-huit Onces, Reinette de Vingt-Onces, Renet 20 untsii, Twenty Ounce Apple, Twenty Ounce Pippin, Twenty Ounces, Wine, Wine of Connecticut, Zwanzig Unzen, Zwanzig Unzen Apfel

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