The first Outdoor Peach ‘Avalon Pride’ to be ripe 1st August 2015

The first Outdoor Peach ‘Avalon Pride’ (Prunus persica) to be ripe this year 1st August 2015 here in the UK.

Avalon Pride was a chance seedling found in Washington state USA. It is regarded as self fertile with pink flowers in spring and ripe peaches at the beginning of August when grown outside. If grown under cover harvesting would be earlier.

The fruits are medium sized of approx 6cms diameter and have a red skin when exposed to the sun. The unexposed skin is more of a yellowy/ green colour. Taste is very nice and sweet, some would say a typical peach flavour.

Peach-3354-Avalon-Pride-cropped-2015-08-02 16.13.40Peach-3354-Avalon-Pride-cropped-2015-08-02 16.14.10

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