Testing of Greenhouse Fumigator – August 2020


There has been a lot of discussion on the internet forums as to the value for money of Greenhouse Fumigator (the ones you set light to).

The main discussion seems to be the amount of chemicals and the length of time for a smoke.

The chemical weight is 3.5 grams per fumigator, which should be enough for an 8 x 6 greenhouse. The greenhouse I have in the back garden is double that size, so I used 2 fumigators. The active chemical is Permethrin 13.25% w/w.

This is an insecticide smoke to kill flying and crawling insects in greenhouses. It can be used against houseflies, cluster flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, wasps, moths, ants, cockroaches and stored-product insects such as saw-toothed grain beetle and adult grain weevils.

The Greenhouse Fumigator may also be used in zoos, pet shops, kennels, veterinary practices and laboratory animal houses (excluding animal pens and cages), but is not for use on grain or in empty grain stores. It leaves no smell or visible deposits.

We are only testing the amount of smoke, not its effectiveness.

Greenhouse Fumigator Ignition

 Make sure the greenhouse is air tight, windows, doors and louvres shut.

Greenhouse Fumigator mid Smoke

This is mid smoke, approx 30secs of a total smoke time of 1 minute. Note that the smoke is not being blown about by external wind blowing in.

Greenhouse Fumigator 5 minutes

This is now 5 minutes after ignition, still smoke lingering in the atmosphere.

Please read the tin / instructions for access time and side effects to certain plants, and withdrawl days for food crops.


COMING SOON – Electrical Sulphur (Sulfur) Fumigator

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