Plum Japanese – Beauty – Now being harvested 6th Aug 2015

Pick – Early August, Store – August

Plum Japanese – Beauty (prunus salicina) tends to be smaller than a later season plum variety, as it is quite early to harvest. The February flowering time makes them susceptible to late spring frosts, but the flowers are brilliant white giving the illusion of a covering of snow.

In good years or given protection it can produce heavy crops of very juicy, sweet but tangy, red purple skin and yellow red flesh plums. Fruit that ripens in early August.  The fruit can be picked unripe, as they do ripen off the tree. Beauty is self fertile.

Be careful as when they are ripe the wasps just love them. As there is nothing much about at this time of year that is ripe and has as much sugar in it.

Now available for ordering, for winter delivery at

plum-japanese-3318-beauty-2015-08-06 20.58.58 plum-japanese-3318-beauty-2015-08-06 18.21.58

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