Golden Russet (USA) – apple variety

This variety is not to be confused with the English ‘Golden Russet’ this is the the US variety.

It comes as many Synonyms:
American Golden Russet, American Golden Russet of New England, Fay’s Russet, Golden Russet, Golden Russet of Mass, Golden Russet of Massachusetts, Golden Russet of New England, Hunt’s Graue Reinette, Hunt’s Russet, Mass Golden Russet, New England Golden Russet, New England Russet, Reinette grise doree du Massachuset, Russet Pearmain.

Golden Russet is a classic old American russeted apple that’s excellent for fresh eating and cider.  Discovered in New York, USA, 1845. ​​

It is an excellent old-style eating apple and also a fine choice for making cider.

​It has got a lot of russet on it, which is considered a defect by the apple industry. It is delicious, sweet, juicy flesh that’s luscious and an outstanding classic eating apple. It is ripe towards the end of October and can keep till February.

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