Almond and Cherry 2019 crop destroyed. Different reasons

Ok I do not grow huge numbers of Almond and Cherry trees, in comparison to a fruit farmer. But I was looking forward to a taste.

Almond and Cherry 2019 crop destroyed
Almond and Cherry 2019 crop destroyed

The Almonds were no where near ready, with another 3 to 4 months to grow. Similarly the cherries were rock hard and yellow.

I had planned to get my mesh covering out over last weekend, but the whole crop had dissappeared.

The 2 events (almond disappearance and the cherry disappearance) occured at the same time, but for different reasons.

The Almonds had the outer husks and nut shells shattered with the kernels missings. Broken bits all over the floor. The main culprit are squirrels.

The Cherries had all the outer ‘flesh’ stripped off, and the pip left lying on the floor. Unfortuneatly I had no camera at the time. When I came back most of the pips had dissapeared, with just an odd few laying with holes in the pip, with kernel missing. Culprits for the flesh would be pigeons, and blackbirds. The hole in the pip, would me mice.

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