After 6 years finally a flower on my PawPaw var Shenandoah

Its now 6 years since planting some seeds of PawPaw (Asimina triloba) variety Shenandoah, and finally its flowered.

All I have to do now is wait for another variety to also flower, as they need another for cross pollination. They are not self fertile, as I can vouch for, as the flower dropped off.

They are normally pollinated by flies, as it is supposed that you should put some rotting meat nearby to attract the flies. But we will not be doing that, it will be a fine paint brush.

When the flowers first open they will be in the female stage of flowering with the little green stigmas sticking up above the still unopened male flowers. They will remain like this for a few days, receptive to pollen from other trees. Next the male flowers open and begin shedding pollen.

You can just see a tiny cluster of possibly 5 pawpaw fruits just beginning to form. But as this flower was unfertilized, it fell off.

Please note that the Shenandoah™ name is trademarked in the USA.

This variety is one of the largest and most flavourful Pawpaws. Weighing up to 500grams each. The fruit ripens in mid season and is sweet and flavourful with creamy-yellow, custard-like flesh.

They prefer full sun and well-drained soil, and areĀ  cold hardy to zone 5 (minus 6 or 7 deg C). They can grow to 4m tall and same spread. It is a slow growing, small tree, which is naturally disease and pest resistant.

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