Berlepsch – apple variety

Raised in about 1880 in Grevenbroich, Rheinland, Germany by Diedrich Uhlhorn junior. Fruits have crisp flesh with a subacid flavour.

A really nice looking apple, a few more weeks to go for its colour to develop more.

Baron Barlepsh, Baron de Berlepsch, Berlepsch, Berlepsch’s Gold-Reinette, Berlepsch’s Goldreinette, Berlepschova reneta, Berlepschs Goldrenette, Freiherr von Berlepsch Gold- Reinette, Gold-Reinette Freiherr von Berlepsch, Goldrenette Freiherr von Berlepsch, Reinette dorTe de Berlepsch, Reinette Freiherr von Berlepsch, Renet Berlepsch, Renet zolotoi Berlepsha

1783-Apple-Berlepsch-2014-08-10 16.43.13-cropped

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