Hardy Figs

Hardy varaties

Hardy down to 10 F:

•English Brown Turkey (aka Eastern Brown Turkey)
•Sweet Georg
•Tiny Celeste
•UCD Celeste
•Paradiso White (Gene Hosey strain)
•Lindhurst Wht

143-36: very, very hardy


Adriana: very, very hardy

Archipel: very, very hardy

Atreano: Delicious and had such a good fig flavor. Wonderfully sweet, golden-yellow figs. A good short-season fig,

Bayernfeige Violetta: from old Bavaria, Germany.

Black Genoa:

Black Bethlehem:

Black Jack: large and long and taste very sweet. The inside flesh is strawberry red. Black Jack Figs experience ripeness a bit early. They can start the ripening from June and last until September.

Black Marseilles:

Blue Celeste: very, very hardy, Fruits taste best notch and is hardy too.

Bronze Paradiso:

Brooklyn White: very, very hardy

Brown Trk #2:

Carrapipe Negra:

Celeste: 4*F. Celestes are good too but there are so many different strains out there.

Celestial: excellent quality, high yields and cold tolerance. This variety has long been grown in areas that dip into the single digits from time to time. The Celestial Fig Tree is a small to medium-sized violet to purplish-brown with white flesh, shading to rose at the center. It is firm, juicy, and one of the sweetest of all figs. Sometimes referred to as the Sugar Fig Tree.

Chios AKA Anoukounis Black (greek variety)

Danny’s Delite:

Dark Portuguese:

Don Fortissi Black:


Fracazzano Bianco:

Florea: very, very hardy

Gentile: white

Gino: very, very hardy, has a small eye and is rain tolerant. a very good tasting fig

Green Ischia:

Goncha de Oro (Morle source) – Sweet small yellow figs, ripen early

Hanc Mathies English Brown Turkey: very, very hardy

Hardy Chicago Fig:

Hardy Hartford is his most cold hardy variety, surviving -4 Fahrenheit with no winter protection.

Henry Brown Fig:

Italian Honey:

Jurupa: very, very hardy

Kathleen’s Black:

LaRadek’s English Brown Turkey

Late Black:


Lindhurst White: very, very hardy

LSU Gold:

Malta Black:

Marseilles vs Black: very, very hardy, Has a berry like flavor.

Maryland Brown Turkey: resisted to 8* F.


MBVS is a must have fig

Negretta: It is a very productive variety. It produces a heavy crop over a short period. The figs are very tasty, among the best tasting figs in my collection. Fruit is round with a very short neck. It also has a closed eye.

Negronne Fig aka – Violette de Bordeaux, Petite Negri
Said by some to be the best flavoured fig of them all. Small to medium-sized, purplish-black figs have a dark-red interior. Flavour is sweet, fine-grained and very rich – one of our favourites. We have found Negronne to be fairly hardy and productive for us on Denman Island. The tree grows naturally small, making it ideal as a container tree. If you have unused space in your cold frame or greenhouse, try this fig.

Nordland Bergfeige: Hardy to 10 degrees F. A sweet, reddish very rare, cold hardy variety fig from Switzerland. Excellent for cold climate.

Nordland Fig

Natalina Fig – abundant 1″ very sweet purple fruit, very reliable annual bearing, does very well in pot culture, a favorite for us/

Pananas purple:


Paradiso White (Gene Hosey strain) very, very hardy

Persian white: Large yellow fig red interior. Very good flavor. Ripens early for a large fig.

Ronde de Bordeaux: -11 degrees Fahrenheit

Sal (Gene strain): very, very hardy

Sal’s Corleone: very, very hardy

Sal’s EL (AKA Gene’s Sal): Very intense purple. cold hardy, has good sweetness, and very importantly has a closed eye which helps in humid climates. figs are on the small side.

Scott’s Yellow – It has also proven to be quite hardy

Stella: we found this wonderful fig in a Southeast Portland neighborhood. Stella was brought here many years ago by an Italian sailor and is now cultivated and prized by his wife. Stella caught our attention with its large size, sweet, striking, purplish-red flesh, and its ability to ripen in our cooler climate.

Sweet Georg: very, very hardy

Takoma Violet: From a local German lady, It’s a very good fig for looks, flavor, early ripening and cold hardiness. Fruit is small. Hardy to 5 degrees F

Tiny Celeste: very, very hardy

UCD Celeste: very, very hardy

Valle Negra: below zero-7


Violette de Bordeaux: A particularly hardy variety. Dating from around 1680, itwas found to thrive in Versailles gardens during the cold winter months. The small, purple black figs have a marvellous perfume and a lovely sweet flavour. Produces two crops per year, and if protected over winter the second crop will ripen early during the following summer.

Violetta: very, very hardy

Violtta Bayernfeige:

Weeping fig:

White genoa (Belleclare source) late ripener, medium size green ripening exterior, thicker skin than most, blood red interior

Borrowed from http://seedlingapples.wordpress.com/articles-2/

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