EU pesticide ban delay raises hopes and fears

The EU approval of 31 chemicals, including glyphosate, 2,4-D and Diquat, was to expire this year. But due to “a backlog of work”, the chemicals could now be used until the end of June 2018, said the Chemicals Regulation Directorate.

Expiry date extended

The 31 chemicals now approved for use until 2018.

Problems with one of the chemicals most crucial to the sector, glyphosate, almost came to a head last autumn when a cabal of green MEPs tabled a motion for an outright ban of the substance.

The Chemicals

EU approval of 31 chemicals, which was due to expire this year, has been
extended to December 2015 and their use has been approved until the end
of June 2018.
– 2,4-D
– Amitrole
– Esfenvalerate
– Flumioxazine
– Lambda-Cyhalothrin
– Acibenzolar-s-methyl
– Bentazone
– Cyclanilide
– Fenhexamid
– Ferric phosphate
– Pymetrozine
– Flupyrsulfuron-methyl
– Diquat
– Glyphosate
– Iprovalicarb
– Paecylomyces fumosoroseus
– Thiabendazole
– Pyridate
– Sulfosulfuron
– Pyraflufen-ethyl
– Prosulfuron
– Thifensulfuron-methyl
– Cinidon-ethyl
– Cyhalofop butyl
– Florasulam
– Metalaxyl-M
– Picolinafen
– Isoproturon
– Metsulfuron methyl
– Triasulfuron
– Famoxadone

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