A few more showey photos of Peach Blossom 24th March 2019

This first photo today is called ‘Velvet’ of Canadian origin. It is an early variety, harvesting fruit in July. Resistant to frost with fruit medium sized, pale yellow, rose red cover. They are juicy, sweet, with flesh semi clinging/free to the stone.

The next photo is Peach called ‘Doneckij Bielyj’. Originating from Ukraine. It stands out from other varieties of large fruits that their colour and size similar to lilac apples, very heavy, weighing up to 150-200g. Very early start cropping, especially the fresh, sweet and sour taste, very juicy. Ripen in mid-August. Developed for shorter growing seasons and less demanding in terms of heat

With the final peach photo of a variety called ‘Maira’. Derived from Latvia. This is another frost-resistant variety. Fruits ripen in the second half of July. They are medium-sized and large (up to 150g), greenish-white flesh. Juiciness of the fruit so that you can just have a drink! Very valuable, dessert peach variety. Drops to the ground when very ripe.

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