Peach Flowers 23rd March 2019

Here we have just a selection of Peaches that are in flower now.

Peach UFO 4 ®

Peach Flat – UFO 4 ®

Description –
Ripening date is -23 days before Redhaven. Its is an Italian variety that produces high and consistent flat fruit. With the fruit being greenish-white with 80% bright red blush; sweet flavour, very good (>14°Brix), white melting flesh, very firm; size AA (average fruit size about 120 g).
Overall: variety with high and consistent yield of large fruit with excellent flavour.

Garden Gold – Genetic Dwarf Peach or Patio Peach

Genetic Dwarf Peach or Patio Peach – Garden Gold

Description –
Intense pink blossoms appear in spring, with fruit ripening in August. The fruit are bright golden colour with a red blush.

Peach – Shimizu White Ice

Peach – Shimizu White Ice

Description –
A Japanese favourite fruit which is harvested late July to early August. The trademark of the milky white peach, is by bagging each individual fruit. This prevents the sun from producing its normal peach colour. Bagging also protects the fruit from pests and wind and rain. The protected environment inside the bag produces a soft, delicate fruit with skin that peels easily.
Shimizu White Peach, is the most famous variety, and it is referred to as the ‘Queen of Peaches’, for it has a splendid blend of soft texture, juice and sweet fragrance.

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