One of the hazards of using a ‘Rough Mower’ in 100cm tall grass.

One of the hazards of using a ‘Rough Mower’ in 100cm tall grass. Its an age old problem with all mowing or topping of grass fields.

In this case we hit a length of fencing wire in the middle of our field. Not too sure where that came from. But it wrapped itself round the blade, ultimately locking the blade stationary. This with a big puff of smoke, and the smell of rubber being burnt, which then snapped the blade drive belt.

Luckily I had a spare drive belt, but it took nearly 2 hours in total to repair it, in the middle of our field.

Needless to say, this was Saturday afternoon in late July, with the sun beating down, and the temperature touching 30 deg C.

I had never felt so ill with ‘heat stroke’ or ‘sun stroke’. Spent most of Sunday in bed with, wobbly legs, splitting headache and dizziness. Had to take on board a couple of gallons of liquid with paracetamol tablets. A day later I am as right as rain.

Another problem that can also lock the blade drive shaft, is the long lengths of grass can wind themselves up around the shaft. A bit like a tourniquet.


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