Cot-N-Candy – Apricot/Plum cross harvesting now end July 2018

Cot-N-Candy – Apricot/Plum cross harvesting now end July 2018.

Despite this variety being listed as being ripe in early September in the the UK, we are now harvesting some today 28th July 2018. It is listed as being ripe in the USA towards the end of June in California. I suspect many UK sellers do not actually ‘grow’ them physically.

But any how the flavour is certainly of an intensely sweet apricot and juicy. I cannot taste any of the plum attributes.

This variety is an Apricot/Plum cross sometimes called an Aprium and Interspecific Apricot. [Apricot×((Plum×Plumcot)×Plumcot)×Apricot]. It was breed in the US by Zaiger Genetics with a US patent no PP17827


  • 1. Regular and productive bearer of medium size fruit.
  • 2. Vigorous, semi-spreading tree growth.
  • 3. Fruit having very good flavour and eating quality.
  • 4. Fruit with white flesh.
  • 5. Fruit with an attractive reddish pink blush.
  • 6. Winter chilling requirement approximately 800 hours at or below 45° F / 7° C



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