Update to my Rabbit problems in my orchard 2015

I thought I had better update my previous message with regards to my rabbit problems in my orchard.

The rabbit disappearing underneath my shed http://www.gb-online.co.uk/gb-wordpress/?p=1189

Well we put concrete block around the front, with just a square opening to allow for the entrance of our rabbit cage trap.

cagetrap-2015-07-26 14.41.32We are currently (from April) up to 15 rabbits, 7 squirrels, 1 brown rat, 1 blackbird. Needless to say the blackbird was released, all the others were dispatched.

rabbit-2015-07-26 14.41.32

Very large rabbit.

brown-rat-2015-07-25 09.26.09A very large brown rat.

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