Additional Mason Bee update

Its coming to the near end of the Mason Bee breeding season, and here are my un-scientific findings on nest boxes for there eggs. Three sets of nesting boxes, the top 2 being plastic with a plastic screen, the cardboard tubes also being paper lined. The bottom box being a more expensive type made of compressed fibre, but with just cardboard tubes and no paper lining. This bottom box being approx 75cm from ground.

mason-bees-2015-06-28 13.13.16The top nesting box (in the photo below) has only 4 filled tubes, notice the mud plug in the ends. This should mean that each tube will have 3 or 4 eggs, this being about 12 cocoons. The eggs furthermost in will be females, with the males being closest to the mud plug. The males hatch first followed by the females.

mason-bees-top-2015-06-28 13.13.21The middle box (see photo below) has only 5 full tubes.

mason-bees-middle-2015-06-28 13.13.25The bottom nesting box has 16 full tubes. Notice the large tube which originally had the cocoons that were shipped to me in. This box will produce something like 50 cocoons.

mason-bees-bottom-2015-06-28 13.13.30Also I nearly missed that in the middle nesting box was a white grub at the entrance, which I assume to be a mason bee grub. For some reason it has come out of its tube, notice the pollen below. Maybe a bird has pulled it out ??

mason-bees-grub1-2015-06-28 13.14.15mason-bees-grub2-2015-06-28 13.15.02


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