Hottub installation – the final details

Here is the final details to

There needs to be somewhere for the hottub to sit on. It was deemed that concrete was the best option. So a slab had to be laid, just the right size and thickness, with some steel reinforcing bars embedded in it.

deck1-2014-11-29 14.04.11With the concrete cured the hottub was slid on top. Also the thoughts went onto the power cabling side. A new earth electrode had to be fitted adjacent to the hottub, and also the isolator nearby. A cable trench had to be dug back to the house. Depth was an issue due to a large concrete slab being under the ground at a depth of 60cm. All wire armoured cable was installed and certified.

deck0-2014-12-20 10.37.11Next stage was to install the surrounding decking and privacy fencing.

deck2-2015-02-13 11.58.00A bit of a pause then for bad weather, as the ground was very sticky clay. Also design time for the next stage. Note how close the decking joists are, and some are doubled, with supporting pillars close together.

deck3-2015-02-17 14.48.45Then that strange shaped part of the decking was decked.

deck4-2015-03-18 15.10.15Part way through the erection of a BBQ hut. Note the decking lights around the perimeter. These being multi coloured changing lights at the front, with higher intensity LED’s at the rear.

deck5-2015-03-24 13.40.41The final finished installation. All timber fully treated with a clear oil. Willow screening around fence panels, and a gravel path leading from the house.

deck6-2015-05-01 10.03.24


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