Mason Bee update

With spring well advanced, and the days are sometimes getting warmer. The Mason bees should be starting to get lively.

In checking the cocoons, that were supplied in a ‘smartie’ type tube with a small hole in the lid. One of the cocoons can be seen to have been hatched, with others probably on the way.

Small cocoons denotes males, whereas larger cocoons indicate females.

I will be rechecking how many have hatched over the coming weeks.

mason-bee1-2015-05-01 16.52.58The tubes of the nesting box shows that there is one bee up the tube. Other tubes have got some in, but they are a long way in, and I cannot photograph them. Note the cocoon holder below.

mason-bee2-2015-05-10 09.52.01Flying around the nesting box was this little bee. The only one I manged to get a photo of, but I think it is a leaf cutter bee, but I could be wrong.

mason-bee3-2015-05-10 09.52.52It has been confirmed via George Pilkington at that these bees in the photographs are male red mason bees. Thanks George.

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