Christmas frost on apple tree’s – Lovely winter picture

A customers request to come have a look at her Christmas frost on her new apple trees.

What a lovely winter picture, or is it.

wooly-aphid-2014-11-22 15.15.16This is one of the worst cases I have come across, of wooly aphids. A word of caution in using rabbit spirals, is that they are a nice warm environment, as a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties. They need inspecting regularly. Especially pulling out any grasses growing inside them, so at least you can seeĀ  inside them. If you are using the black/brown or green spirals they will need taking off. But be careful as these are made from recycled plastic and they do not like being unwound.

When you buy these spirals make sure they are newly manufactured and have not been stored. As they degrade, especially if exposed to sunlight. and go brittle and crumble.

This was sorted out, but needed 2 separate applications of Horticultural soap, spaced a week apart. Customer was advised that there may well be long term problems with the trees. As with severe infestations they can kill the tree, or give it very nasty burring/gnarled swellings.

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