Whats going on here then – Oh Hottub removals

Its amazing as to what jobs you get the chance to tackle, especially as I run a multi skilled and flexible gardening business. Hotubs always get put at the back of a garden. Its a hell of a job having to move it up to the front of the garden and the closest access point for a crane. Across the gravel paths, over the fish pond, through the new trellis fencing and across the lawn. With the hottub weighing at 300kg’s dry weight and the right equipment and plenty of muscle power it was relatively easy, and then it started raining.

hottub1-20141112_082249I wonder what we are fishing about in this hedge for ?

hottub1-20141112_083250I wonder what that is ?

hottub1-20141112_083513Oh its a hottub.

hottub1-20141112_084621All safely down on the back of the lorry, ready to be strapped down and then on its way to its new home. Then we have got to off load it. That goes all to plan, but again all in the rain.

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