This is a complete listing of all Sweet Chestnut varieties that are actually planted and growing.

Sweet Chestnut

6511Sweet Chesnut - Vignols
3325Sweet Chestnut - Judia
6939Sweet Chestnut - AguyaneCastanea satvia
7030Sweet Chestnut - Almofrei
7111Sweet Chestnut - Anadolu
5415Sweet Chestnut - Anny´s Summer Red
6925Sweet Chestnut - Anny´s Summer Red
5377Sweet Chestnut - Belle Epine
6381Sweet Chestnut - BOJAR
7082Sweet Chestnut - Bouche d Betizac
7096Sweet Chestnut - Bouche de Bentizac
5490Sweet Chestnut - Bouche de Bétizac
5515Sweet Chestnut - Bouche De Betizac
6043Sweet Chestnut - Bouche de Betizac
6046Sweet Chestnut - BracallaCastanea satvia
6048Sweet Chestnut - BrignolaCastanea satvia
6933Sweet Chestnut - Bursa
7114Sweet Chestnut - Bursa siyah
6050Sweet Chestnut - CanepinaCastanea satvia
6027Sweet Chestnut - Castel del Rio
7112Sweet Chestnut - Conkara
1559Sweet Chestnut - Early Migoule
6945Sweet Chestnut - Early Vans (Precoce des Vans)Castanea satvia
6047Sweet Chestnut - EtnaCastanea satvia
6940Sweet Chestnut - FigaretteCastanea satvia
6891Sweet Chestnut - Fiorentino
6941Sweet Chestnut - GarincheCastanea satvia
7125Sweet Chestnut - Haci omer
6927Sweet Chestnut - Haciibis (Haci Ibis)
6931Sweet Chestnut - Isiklar
7113Sweet Chestnut - Italyan
7110Sweet Chestnut - Izmir
3324Sweet Chestnut - Japanese Tamba (Tanba or Ginyose)
5577Sweet Chestnut - Japanese Tamba (Tanba or Ginyose)
7099Sweet Chestnut - Judia
6490Sweet Chestnut - Kannabe - Super giant
6928Sweet Chestnut - Karamehmet
6069Sweet Chestnut - LongalCastanea crenata (Jap - Tamba)
7100Sweet Chestnut - Longal
1101Sweet Chestnut - Maraval
6067Sweet Chestnut - MarelalCastanea satvia
7098Sweet Chestnut - Marelal
1102Sweet Chestnut - Marigoule
1578Sweet Chestnut - Marigoule
5514Sweet Chestnut - Marigoule
7081Sweet Chestnut - Marigoule
7197Sweet Chestnut - Marigoule
5380Sweet Chestnut - Marki
1580Sweet Chestnut - Marlhac
4122Sweet Chestnut - Marlhac
6920Sweet Chestnut - Marradi
6942Sweet Chestnut - marron d olarguesCastanea satvia
6528Sweet Chestnut - Marron de Laguepie
5416Sweet Chestnut - Marron de Lyon
5494Sweet Chestnut - Marron de Lyon
6946Sweet Chestnut - Marron de Lyon (Sardonne)Castanea satvia
6943Sweet Chestnut - Marron GoujounacCastanea satvia
6030Sweet Chestnut - Marrone del Pollino
6015Sweet Chestnut - Marrone di Chiusa Pesio
6958Sweet Chestnut - Marrone di Chiusa Pesio
6010Sweet Chestnut - Marrone di Marradi
1579Sweet Chestnut - Marsol
5417Sweet Chestnut - Marsol
5581Sweet Chestnut - Marsol
7095Sweet Chestnut - Marsol
6066Sweet Chestnut - MartainhaCastanea satvia
7097Sweet Chestnut - Martainha
7185Sweet Chestnut - Maruxa (hybrid 90044)
6380Sweet Chestnut - Mistral
6086Sweet Chestnut - NagayamaCastanea crenata (Jap - Tamba)
1635Sweet Chestnut - Nouzillard
7124Sweet Chestnut - Osmanoglu
6488Sweet Chestnut - Porotan
6053Sweet Chestnut - Precoce MigouleCastanea satvia
7265Sweet Chestnut - Rousse de NayCastanea satvia
7126Sweet Chestnut - Sarialama
7127Sweet Chestnut - Sarikestane
7031Sweet Chestnut - Soutovello
6009Sweet Chestnut - Steinmoor (Stone Moor)
6579Sweet Chestnut - Tamba
7094Sweet Chestnut - Tamba
884Sweet Chestnut - Verdale
5379Sweet Chestnut - Vignols
6008Sweet Chestnut - Vincent van Gogh
6926Sweet Chestnut - Vincent van Gogh
6049Sweet Chestnut - ViterboCastanea satvia
6918Sweet Chestnut - Viterbo
6780Sweet Chestnut - Volu

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