As we are located in zone 8a ( minus 12 deg C ) many of the 'normal' species thrive, typically the likes of apples and plums. 

We are only concerned with varieties that can be grown in the open, without protection. As it is all to easy to put them into greenhouses, and use massive amounts of fossil fuels for heating.

Even within the 'normal' species there are many cultivars or varieties that are not ideally suited for this climate. Those that grow in the mediterranean countries or even in the likes of California USA, can have vastly different winter and summer climates.

The only way of seeing if they will grow in the UK is by trial and error.

It is well known that Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots are not suited for UK. However some varieties are more hardy than others. It sometimes is that the flowers can withstand small amounts of frost. Much is also linked to if there are pollinating insects about at the time of flowering. Not to be forgotten is the frost hardiness of the rootstock used.

Some species have never been grown in the UK to any great extent, if any. The likes of figs, Pawpaw and Persimmon really do push the boundaries.

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