This is a complete listing of all Sea Buckthorn varieties that are actually planted and growing.

Sea Buckthorn

5499Buckthorn - Orange Energy
6841Buckthorn - Podarok Sadu
5919Sea Buckthorn - ALTAJSKAJA Sweet
2263Sea Buckthorn - Askola (female)
5990Sea Buckthorn - BOTANIKA
5991Sea Buckthorn - ELIZAVETA
2264Sea Buckthorn - Frugana (female)
2265Sea Buckthorn - Hergo (female)
2266Sea Buckthorn - Leiora (female)
5993Sea Buckthorn - Opylovac k+
3248Sea Buckthorn - Orange Energy
2269Sea Buckthorn - Pollmix 1 (male)
2270Sea Buckthorn - Pollmix 3 (male)
5994Sea Buckthorn - SIBIRSKY RUMENEC
2268Sea Buckthorn - Sirola (female)

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