This is a complete listing of all Perry Pear varieties that are actually planted and growing.


2457Pear - Blakeney RedQUINCE C
3419Pear - Brown Besspyrus communis Kirchensaller
5495Pear - CannockQUINCE A
5297Pear - Early GriffinPyrodwarf
1606Pear - GinnQUINCE C
2458Pear - Hellens EarlyQUINCE C
2261Pear - Hendre Huffcappyrus communis Kirchensaller
2462Pear - Old Home USAQUINCE C
2460Pear - OldfieldQUINCE C
5295Pear - OldfieldPyrodwarf
2463Pear - Red PearQUINCE C
1465Pear - Taynton Squash
2464Pear - ThornQUINCE C
8110Pear - ThornPyrodwarf
1603Pear - Winnals LongdonQUINCE C
2466Pear - Winnals LongdonQUINCE C

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