This is a complete listing of all Asian Pear varieties that are actually planted and growing.

Asian Pear

5632Asian Pear - AtagoPyrus communis caucasica
5765Asian Pear - AtagoPyrus communis caucasica
4279Asian Pear - Benita®
4196Asian Pear - CHOJUROPear Seedling
7340Asian Pear - ChosukoPyrus communis
6463Asian Pear - Crispiepyrus communis Kirchensaller
6447Asian Pear - Drippin HoneyPyrodwarf
7019Asian Pear - Early Shu
5383Asian Pear - Erdi Korai
5404Asian Pear - HAYATAMA
7341Asian Pear - Hong LiPyrus communis
7900Asian Pear - Hong Li
6950Asian Pear - Hong-Li
4194Asian Pear - HOSUIPear Seedling
6571Asian Pear - HOSUI
6590Asian Pear - Hosui
7282Asian Pear - Kam CheonPyrus communis caucasica
5158Asian Pear - Korean GiantPyrodwarf
7280Asian Pear - Korean ShinkoPyrus communis caucasica
4973Asian Pear - Kosui
4197Asian Pear - KUMOIPear Seedling
6569Asian Pear - KUMOI
7342Asian Pear - Kunt Chan ChuPyrus communis
7951Asian Pear - Man Sun Gil
6832Asian Pear - Meigetsu
7343Asian Pear - New ArirangPyrus communis
7901Asian Pear - New Arirang
8089Asian Pear - New WorldPyrodwarf
4198Asian Pear - NIITAKAPear Seedling
6057Asian Pear - NiitakaQUINCE A
6572Asian Pear - NIJISSEIKI
4195Asian Pear - NIJSEIKI or NijisseikiPear Seedling
8086Asian Pear - OkusankchiPyrodwarf
6453Asian Pear - PeggyPyrodwarf
7020Asian Pear - Pinguli
3257Asian Pear - RajaPyrodwarf
5633Asian Pear - SeuriPyrus communis caucasica
5763Asian Pear - Shin LiPyrus communis caucasica
7279Asian Pear - Shin LiPyrus communis caucasica
7902Asian Pear - Shin Li
6056Asian Pear - ShinkoQUINCE A
6570Asian Pear - SHINSEIKI
4545Asian Pear - ShinsuiPyrodwarf
8083Asian Pear - Shu LiPyrodwarf
5698Asian Pear - Shugyoku
8088Asian Pear - Sweet Cheekspyrus communis Kirchensaller
4193Asian Pear - TamaPear Seedling
6830Asian Pear - Taylor apple X
5405Asian Pear - TSU LI
8118Asian Pear - YakumoPyrodwarf
6831Asian Pear - Yoinashi
7283Asian Pear - YongiPyrus communis caucasica
8087Asian Pear - Zao Su Lipyrus communis Kirchensaller
8090Asian Pear -TennosuiPyrodwarf
5631Pear - Turnbull Giant XPyrus communis caucasica

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